The Don’ts When You are Talking to Your Biker Partner Online

There are plenty of articles talking about online biker dating tips telling biker girls and biker guys how to start a conversation on online biker dating websites. And today,, one of the biggest online motorcycle dating websites has decided to do something different, but more effective. The online biker dating app has compiled the most common don’t dos when biker women and biker men are talking to their potential future partner online. Let’s take a look and start to improve the quality of our online motorcycle dating experience.

Don’t start the cheesy pet name right away.
No matter how much you are into the motorcycle women or motorcycle man that you just matched on online Harley dating sites, don’t call him or her cutie, sweetie, babe, honey, etc. The reason is simple: when you have never met your biker chick or biker dude in person, you will be taking a lot of risks to make your potential biker girlfriend or boyfriend dislike you. Even though there might be few Harley girls and Harley guys who might be okay with this, they are still vastly outnumbered by the amount of motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys who consider it rude and cheesy. Thus, just don’t risk it.

Don’t be too sexual.
Even though this shouldn’t even need to be said, some biker chicks and biker dudes tend to get carried away on online biker dating websites. In a word, there shouldn’t be any messages related to sex exchanged before the very first date with your motorcycle date. It happens sometimes that a single Harley rider who is into Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle states in their bio that he or she isn’t looking for anything serious, or even more straightforward-they are interested in something sexual, or anything of that nature, it still shows your respect to start with a normal greeting . There is absolutely no need to get sexual with the first few messages. Besides, it is against the rule on most of online biker dating sites.

Don’t wait till the other one takes initiative.
Man biker and women biker come across a number of different profiles on online motorcycle dating apps and we will know what kind of profile attracts us, then we will find the useful information to work on in order to successfully start a conversation. However, there are times when we don’t have much information to work on and we absolutely have no idea what the Harley motorcycle behind the other screen is like. But ever depend on the other one to make the first move. Because when you take the initiative yourself, the chance for the other motorcycle babe to reply and text back is much higher. According to a scientific study on online biker dating apps, the single Harley riders who have the habit to text their biker matches first have three times more chance than the rest when it comes to finding a compatible motorcycle partner.