Best Flirting Tips for Biker Lady

Flirting might sounds a bit cheesy for Harley motorcycle singles who enjoy the thrill of riding on a two wheeled motorcycle. However, don’t get intimidated by the idea of flirt with a motorcycle man you like because flirting in a right way can greatly increase the chance of winning the heart of the crush of biker lady. As easy as it sounds like, flirting with a biker man is far from easy and even the most confident biker girl will get nervous by trying to make an eye contact with their crush. Feeling the struggle from flirting is completely normal. Luckily, on biker dating site, there are plenty of practical motorcycle dating tips for motorcycle women on how to flirt correctly.

When asked what is the most essential facial part when flirting with your motorcycle guy, most of motorcycle girls will answer eye, which is true. But the importance of lips should not be neglected. Always prepare your favorite lip glass in your bag and don’t hesitate to swipe a layer on whenever your male Harley rider passes by! This tip might sound too specific and even a bit ridiculous, but according to a survey conducted among more than 56,000 female Harley rider of Harley dating websites, it definitely increases your chance of catching the eye of your crush.

Let’s take a look at the scenario that probably happens every day between the motorcycle lady and her crush: you are so excited to see the attractive motorcycle gentleman passes by the hall but as usual, you chose to turn to your phone and pretend nothing happened in order to hide your awkwardness. But what will happen if you did the opposite: be confident, be natural, look up and smile at him. Biker chicks don’t need to bother to have a conversation with their ideal biker dude, the whole point is to let him be aware that there is a confident biker lady exists.

Playing hard to get works in certain occasions. By this, I mean ignore your motorcycle man, but not for long. Imagine yourself running into a group of classmates and your crush happens to be there. I know motorcycle babes might feel extremely nervous right now but try to ignore the biker dude and say hi to everyone. Act like there is no difference between you and your special male motorcycle rider. The point is making him feel left out a bit, which can strike up the tension during the man biker and the women biker.

I guess those motorcycle babes who have tried to flirt know the significance of running into him accidentally. After a few “accidental meet up” between the biker chick and biker dude, your biker crush must have sensed that things have being unusual. Then you can walk up to him while being a little bit playful and say: “The reason why we meet a lot is that I am equipped with a cutie radar!”