Ways to Improve Communication in a Biker Dating Relationship

We love connecting with other single Harley riders on online biker kiss dating sites because it makes the male Harley riders and female Harley riders seeking love online happy. Thus, a good communication is the key when it comes to positive social interaction between a biker guy and biker girls.

Even though every biker women and biker man knows the importance of a good communication, but how exactly to communicate with your special biker girlfriend and biker boyfriend? How can you avoid over-communicating or turn the good-intended conversation into a plate-throwing flight? And more importantly, how can you improve your communication skill in a romantic relationship with your man biker or women biker?

And we have invited the most famous relationship consultant for motorcycle women and motorcycle man to give out some useful online Harley dating tips to improve their communication skills.

First of all, we need to know what a healthy communication between a motorcycle guy and motorcycle girls looks like. A healthy communication model usually involves a sender, and a receiver, as well as a message. Thus, motorcycle women and motorcycle man first need to figure out their roles: who plays the sender and who plays the receiver? Because at least one Harley motorcycle rider needs to listen right?

Also, the message is a vital part in a good communication for biker chicks and biker dudes. The way the receiver decodes a message is never 100% objective, which is a brutal reality that motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes need to face. Every single Harley motorcycle rider has his or herown filters and explanatory styles which is unique and different from other Harley girls and Harley guy.

According to a survey conducted by the largest free Harley dating websites, what makes communication complicated at first is that every biker receiver tends to have one of the four “ears” particularly well trained. So if the motorcycle dude has a well-trained relationship mind, he may decode the message sent by the motorcycle receiver to be something like “you are only good at riding Harley Davidson bikes but nothing else! ” and he might retort with something even more hurtful like, “well, it takes one to know one. You are not much better than me! you even couldn’t figure out how to fix the wheel of your motorbike!”

This kind of communication is the worst but also very common among Harley women and Harley man, when no Harley chicks and Harley dudes listen to each other.

As you can see, only a few sentences can create a barrier to healthy communication between motorcycle chick and motorcycle dude. Therefore, it is important to understand that what we hear and avoid misinterpret it into something else that is toxic.

In order to engage in a healthy communication with your man biker or women biker, we need to be aware of the following aspects: firstly, make sure there is a listener. Secondly, don’t let your emotion misinterpret the message.

How to Find Love Late in Life on Biker Dating Sites

As a Harley motorcycle rider, you might find it pretty intimidating to find a compatible male Harley rider or female Harley rider late in life, because many view it as a nerve-cracking experience. However, with the help of online Harley dating sites, finding a right biker girls or biker guy seems much easier. And here are our biker dating tips to help elder biker women and biker man to find love.

First, let’s ask ourselves a question: why it can be a hard thing when trying to find a right Harley girls or Harley guy when you are over 40. According to the result from The Office for National Statistics, when it comes to marriage and divorce among the over-65s in the world of bike online dating, Harley women and Harley man in this age range feels more reluctant to step out of their comfort zone and some of them even don’t believe that love can be found in this age. To change the attitude, the point of view of some biker chicks and biker dudes need to be changed firstly. And here are the motorcycle dating tips:

Let’s first focus on the benefit of dating online as a senior. Unlike the Harley girls and Harley girls who are on the free biker dating websites looking for love who are in the habit of playing games, a senior biker can be much more straightforward. That’s because in later life, the majority of Harley motorcycle rider has a firm sense of their identity and interests come from the previous experience of life. Thus, finding a potential lover who is also into Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle is much easier.

And elder biker lovers should totally learn to how to benefit from the digital times. In an age when everything and anything takes places online, it makes sense that elder motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes use the Internet as well as online bike dating sites to find love. And the key benefit of online motorcycle dating website is that it puts the power in your hands. With so many single Harley riders who are on the same biker dating platform and seeking for love, you are free to choose who you send the first message to, of course, you have the liberty to choose whoever to ignore too.

As there are an enough amount of biker dating articles talking about how to choose a reliable and professional online biker dating service, we are going to address something different and vital—how to enjoy yourself from online motorcycle dating in an elder age. It is of vital importance to learn how to relish the experience, have fun and don’t feel stressed to settle down quickly. Instead, learn to appreciate it and enjoy what love can bring you in an elder age.

In a word, if you are single and are interested in meeting like minded Harley babes, biker babes as well as motorcycle babes, wait for no time and jump into the world of online motorcycle dating.

Best Flirting Tips for Biker Lady

Flirting might sounds a bit cheesy for Harley motorcycle singles who enjoy the thrill of riding on a two wheeled motorcycle. However, don’t get intimidated by the idea of flirt with a motorcycle man you like because flirting in a right way can greatly increase the chance of winning the heart of the crush of biker lady. As easy as it sounds like, flirting with a biker man is far from easy and even the most confident biker girl will get nervous by trying to make an eye contact with their crush. Feeling the struggle from flirting is completely normal. Luckily, on biker dating site, there are plenty of practical motorcycle dating tips for motorcycle women on how to flirt correctly.

When asked what is the most essential facial part when flirting with your motorcycle guy, most of motorcycle girls will answer eye, which is true. But the importance of lips should not be neglected. Always prepare your favorite lip glass in your bag and don’t hesitate to swipe a layer on whenever your male Harley rider passes by! This tip might sound too specific and even a bit ridiculous, but according to a survey conducted among more than 56,000 female Harley rider of Harley dating websites, it definitely increases your chance of catching the eye of your crush.

Let’s take a look at the scenario that probably happens every day between the motorcycle lady and her crush: you are so excited to see the attractive motorcycle gentleman passes by the hall but as usual, you chose to turn to your phone and pretend nothing happened in order to hide your awkwardness. But what will happen if you did the opposite: be confident, be natural, look up and smile at him. Biker chicks don’t need to bother to have a conversation with their ideal biker dude, the whole point is to let him be aware that there is a confident biker lady exists.

Playing hard to get works in certain occasions. By this, I mean ignore your motorcycle man, but not for long. Imagine yourself running into a group of classmates and your crush happens to be there. I know motorcycle babes might feel extremely nervous right now but try to ignore the biker dude and say hi to everyone. Act like there is no difference between you and your special male motorcycle rider. The point is making him feel left out a bit, which can strike up the tension during the man biker and the women biker.

I guess those motorcycle babes who have tried to flirt know the significance of running into him accidentally. After a few “accidental meet up” between the biker chick and biker dude, your biker crush must have sensed that things have being unusual. Then you can walk up to him while being a little bit playful and say: “The reason why we meet a lot is that I am equipped with a cutie radar!”

The Don’ts When You are Talking to Your Biker Partner Online

There are plenty of articles talking about online biker dating tips telling biker girls and biker guys how to start a conversation on online biker dating websites. And today, bikerdating.com, one of the biggest online motorcycle dating websites has decided to do something different, but more effective. The online biker dating app has compiled the most common don’t dos when biker women and biker men are talking to their potential future partner online. Let’s take a look and start to improve the quality of our online motorcycle dating experience.

Don’t start the cheesy pet name right away.
No matter how much you are into the motorcycle women or motorcycle man that you just matched on online Harley dating sites, don’t call him or her cutie, sweetie, babe, honey, etc. The reason is simple: when you have never met your biker chick or biker dude in person, you will be taking a lot of risks to make your potential biker girlfriend or boyfriend dislike you. Even though there might be few Harley girls and Harley guys who might be okay with this, they are still vastly outnumbered by the amount of motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys who consider it rude and cheesy. Thus, just don’t risk it.

Don’t be too sexual.
Even though this shouldn’t even need to be said, some biker chicks and biker dudes tend to get carried away on online biker dating websites. In a word, there shouldn’t be any messages related to sex exchanged before the very first date with your motorcycle date. It happens sometimes that a single Harley rider who is into Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle states in their bio that he or she isn’t looking for anything serious, or even more straightforward-they are interested in something sexual, or anything of that nature, it still shows your respect to start with a normal greeting . There is absolutely no need to get sexual with the first few messages. Besides, it is against the rule on most of online biker dating sites.

Don’t wait till the other one takes initiative.
Man biker and women biker come across a number of different profiles on online motorcycle dating apps and we will know what kind of profile attracts us, then we will find the useful information to work on in order to successfully start a conversation. However, there are times when we don’t have much information to work on and we absolutely have no idea what the Harley motorcycle behind the other screen is like. But ever depend on the other one to make the first move. Because when you take the initiative yourself, the chance for the other motorcycle babe to reply and text back is much higher. According to a scientific study on online biker dating apps, the single Harley riders who have the habit to text their biker matches first have three times more chance than the rest when it comes to finding a compatible motorcycle partner.

How to Spark the Fire While Texting Your Harley Motorcycle Rider

On the very initial stage of falling in love with your male Harley rider or female Harley rider, the only way to get to know your biker girl or biker guy is through texting on free biker dating sites. However, it can be extremely difficult to maintain a conversation with your biker man or biker women without actually meeting them in person. With the purpose to increase greatly the biker dating rate with the Harley motorcycle rider that you are interested in, the online biker dating sites have invited Dr. White, the Harley dating specialist who specializes in the relationship between motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys, to share some of her top notch experience of how to spark the fire while texting your motorcycle women or motorcycle man.

Before even thinking about what to put in the bar and sent it to your Harley girl or Harley guy, you need to know what kind of person he or she is. By browsing thoroughly the profile page of the Harley man or Harley women that you like, and exacting the details that you need as a deal breaker, every biker chick or biker dude can do a great job in it.

Then you are good to go! Unlike a huge number of other biker babes who sends a simply Hi or What’s up as a pick-up line, you should use a unique question as a start. The reason? Simple! There is a very slim chance that your message will stand out from thousands of hundreds of the others that lies in the message box of your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes already. And there is nothing special about it. However, a customized question can make a huge difference, which does not only show that you actually paid attention to the profile page of your ideal Harley women or Harley man, but also displays your interests in getting to know the biker enthusiasts on online motorcycle dating sites.

After you finally succeed to catch the eyes of the man biker or woman biker, there are some important tricks that you need to pay attention to in order to maintain an interesting and fun conversation with the other party. First of all, make sure that there is spark at the first place. According to a recently conducted survey on the famous magazine: Relationship, the chance that there will be a spark between two individuals after the very first failure will be divided into two. Thus, it is of great significance to get the fire going as soon as possible. Secondly, make sure the tension goes around back and forth. It is totally normal for one party to take control, or in other words, the dominant part, however, the other one the passive part. But you won’t be able to take the relationship with your motorcycle babes to the next level without letting the spark going back and forth. Thus, keep the balance is essential!

Biker Planet’s user review helping for all biker singles

Online dating, one of the great accomplishment thanks to modern technology as well as people’s creativity, has helped a tremendous amount of singles who are eager to find a special one. Meeting other singles online gained its booming popularity for a reason-its high efficiency, which permits user to get contacts of a tons of potential compatible partners within a few seconds, as well as its greatly widened possibilities-internet is always the most powerful tool to help connect those who might never have their lives crossed in real life. Thus, today, with society’s growing acceptance towards online dating, more and more singles start to flock to different dating platforms wishing to make a positive change in their lives, biker lovers are not an exception. However, because of the uneven quality of countless so-called “professional match makers”, their expectation can be rarely lived up to. As a result, biker singles step back and feel reluctant to give it another shot. As a renowned online biker community, the website has selected the most successful website catering to meet local bikers in order to help numerous motorcycle enthusiasts and at the same time, love seekers.
Biker Planet, created in the year of 2009, is considered as one the most reliable and professional online dating platform for singles who share the same motorcycle riding lifestyle. Through its almost 10 years of great dedication to help biker singles connect virtually, 987,000 registered members have found the right one on BikerPlanet and more than 56% of them are now still in a serious and meaningful relationship along with 24% happily married. According to the reviews from biker users on the website, BikerPlanet’ outshines itself in a few different aspects.
Being the pioneer and one of the few first established websites in the field of online dating for bikers, the volume of the member base is massive compared to other similar websites. The sheer volume consists of a total of 2.4 millions registered biker singles with a steady inflow of new motorcycle riders on a weekly basis. In this case, the possibility of meeting a compatible biker single is greatly multiplied. BikerPlanet has also gained a remarkable reputation for its diversity of the member base for almost every ethnicity and religion can be found on the website.
For tempting singles who are concerned about the safety of their personal information, Biker Planet is highly regarded as one of the most safest online dating websites where the the case of information being leaked and monetized is strictly prohibited. Unlike other websites whose terms of service is presented and written in a way which makes it confusing to read, BikerPlanet attaches an significant amount of importance to its conciseness and transparency. In addition, all the personal information is secured by SSL and the chatting history, strictly encrypted. Therefore, Biker Planet is one of the few website whose member base’s quality matches up with its quantity.
No matter you are looking for friendship, companionship or romantic relationship, BikerPlanet will always be the top choice of yours, where millions of like-minded singles gather together with the same passion for motorcycle culture. It takes merely a few minutes to complete the sign up process, you will be all set to start your journey in search of love.

Reasons why you should date a biker girl or a biker guy

With a tremendous amount of online dating websites catering exclusively to male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders came to the fore, online biker dating have gained a booming popularity thanks to the rise of biker riding. However, many singles have still being questioning themselves if dating a biker man or a biker women is a good choice considering Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle is still considered as a niche hobby. As the founder of one of the earliest launched online Harley dating sites, David Woo, a veteran biker as well as an experienced programmer has compiled several most convincing reasons why you should date a biker enthusiast.

They are adventurous.
Harley man and Harley women are known for being good at making the most out every second of their life by exploring interesting, awesome or even scary places on their giant Harley Davidson bike. Instead of checking up every so called must see tourist spot on the map, biker girls and biker guys tend to start their very own adventurous journey which means an 100% authentic experience is guaranteed. Of course, you will have to date a single Harley rider first. And signing up on the free motorcycle dating websites will be your inevitable step one.

They are more than brave.
Some of us might still stick to the stereotype that every motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy is living a dangerous lifestyle. However, if you change your way of seeing things, you will find that biker babes value the quality of being brave. But, do yourself a favor, compared to someone who is reckless enough to have an intimate relationship with someone they met at the first night in a club without any protection, motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes value their lives by being extremely careful while enjoying their niche hobby.

Your bill will be cut down tremendously.
Dating a Harley girls or a Harley guy means you will no longer have to worry about the electricity bill or an expensive plane ticket. Because the man bikers as well as women bikers are good at budgeting and making every penny count. Compared to eating in a fancy restaurant where you can’t even understand the Italian name of every dish, biker chicks and biker dudes prefer a free motorcycle ride in a remote valley and bite a greasy beef burger for the first date!

They are easily satisfied.
Waterfall, sunset, butterfly, nature as well as unusual stormy night will make your motorcycle ladies or motorcycle man more than happy. Because they know how to appreciate the little things in life. Aside from being a sunlight in everyone’s life, Harley motorcycle riders are also well known for their optimism when it comes to difficulty they encounter in life. Forget about the winy exes you have had, motorcycle babes and motorcycle guys will always look at thee bright side of life and optimize the quality of every ordinary day.

5 Practical Ways to Find a Biker Date by Valentine’s Day

Find your biker babe online right now

You may make some New Year resolutions of attending more motorcycle events and making a long-distance cross-country motorcycle journey. But there are many single bikers are flocking to online dating sites, hoping they can get a biker date by Valentine’s Day. Although the research says that it will take eight weeks for biker women to find a perfect one and ten weeks for motorcycle men, it is not too late to start signing up or restart your membership now. Just follow these steps to get your ideal date this year.

1. Have a “new” profile
If you are new to biker online dating, then just create a new profile. But if you are already a member of online sites, then just create a new email address and start fresh out. New members are always the most popular group for all members. So, delete and disable your previous profile and create a new, allowing you to appear to be the top in the searching list.

2. Use a high quality profile photo
When your profile can appear to be the front of the searching result, your profile photo also needs to be attractive to other singles. As a real single biker, you’d better take a photo with your motorcycle. Make sure the photo you choose can make yourself stand out from others with your front face clearly seen. Or if you have biker friends who are also a photographer, you can have him or her take photos for you in your natural condition.

3. Be proactive
If you are a single biker man, then you should be proactive to send flirts or emails to the one you are interested. Maybe she is waiting for you to contact her. If you are a single Harley woman, you also need to be initiative. It will not make you to appear to be needy and desperate. On the contrary, you will be surprised to find that how flattered men will be when they receive an email from a woman.

4. Be engaged
Whether you are looking for your perfect biker date of life or just biker partners to ride with, you have to be more active. The more active you are, the more likely you will get responses. Try to take full advantages of those features on the biker dating sites.

5. Proofread your emails and profile
Online dating is about passing or receiving someone in a flash. So, if you want to grasp that chance to leave a good impression, please make sure to check the spell of your emails and profiles before pushing send button.