Great Tips for Better Two-up Riding

Learn to have a better two-up motorcycle riding trip

If you are dating a biker girl or a biker babe, she probably prefers to ride behind you on your motorcycles. Even if she has her motorcycle license and has her own motorcycle. Then you should be lucky that you are dating a girl who can fully understand you and your lifestyle. Here are some tips for you to have a better two-up riding with your biker woman.

1. Pack smartly
If you are going to have a two-up trip, then you should know how to pack smartly. She maybe wants to pack whatever she wants to pack. So, it is better to split saddlebags – one for her and one for yourself. Since you are the one who packs light, your bag should hold the tent groundcloth, stakes, rain gear and tools. Then tent and bedrolls can be packed onto the tail or six-pack rack.

2. Get your passenger involved in the ride
Motorcycle riders should be responsible to make your passenger to be an active participant in the tour, not a passive victim of your road riding. You can ride slowly and tell her the roads you are taking, which will keep four eyes on the road signs to avoid missing a turn. Or you can put your biker babe in charge of handling logistics, including figure our arrival times, camping sites, fun activities, where to eat and other things that related to a better trip.

3. Be flexible
Don’t get angry or inconvenient when your biker girl wants another stop for something. She will ask for a stop probably because she feels uncomfortable or wants to pee. Just take it as a chance to shoot some photos and double-check fasteners, fluid levels and tires. She will be grateful that you are not mad at her and you will be in a great mood.

4. Ensure your passenger is comfortable
If your biker lady hasn’t been a passenger at someone’s back, then you should be responsible for her comfort. First, you should show her everything about motorcycling, including remind her that she should hanging on to you at all times, she should put her feet on the pegs and floorboards at all time, she should look over your inside shoulder in a curve and so on. And your speed is also essential to her comfortable riding.

5. Have a great time
Although riding with a passenger is far too easy to get snippy with each other, remember that the whole point of this kind of riding is about to date with a biker babe, to enjoy the countryside and freedom.